December 6, 2012

Favs: Opa!

It's time for a Favorites post, and this month I didn't have to think long about something I'm really digging right now. I love Greek yogurt. I eat it every day.

I'm not one to jump headlong into fads, but yogurt has been a part of my life for several years. It seems to balance the system with those natural probiotics, and it's a light, delicious snack. This past summer my brother, who runs marathons and teaches spin classes, recommended that I give Greek yogurt a try. He promised it would rev up my metabolism and keep me going. I wasn't quite sure if I found the idea of going foreign with my yogurt palatable, but I gave it a try.

Months later, thick and creamy Greek yogurt is one of my favorite foods. It's luscious and filling, and I can really tell a difference on the scale when I'm out of it for a week or so. It seems to really keep my metabolism in check, and it sure makes me feel better on the inside. Even my picky eaters sneak into my Greek yogurt if they see a flavor they like.

After tasting several brands, I have to say Oikos is my favorite. Even with couponing, it's not cheap, so I buy it by the case at Sam's Club. Besides the strawberry, blueberry and cherry fruit on the bottom selection, our Sam's is now carrying a case of Key Lime with a Toasted Coconut flavor. Oh. My. Word. I can't decide which is more heavenly, but given a choice I usually run off with the coconut blend. But Key Lime is super yummy, too. Like dessert yummy. We love the new flavors around here.

Whether you're looking for something new, would like to lighten up your diet or even have tummy troubles on occasion, I can't say enough about adding Greek yogurt into your diet. If you don't want fruity flavors, I've found Calbot's Vanilla Bean to be my favorite plain yogurt in the larger bulk container. It doesn't taste weird like most plain or vanilla yogurts, and I can put a spoonful of blueberries and some dry cereal or granola on top and mix it in. I also use it for baking. Great stuff!

Got a yogurt story? Let's hear it.

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~Danielle Thorne

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