September 12, 2014

Chills and Thrills

Available September 12, 2014
I don't often get to toot my own horn on this blog, but with the release of my sixth book, I'm excited to share more information about the fun for all ages Death Cheater series. 

Each book stands alone and features the courageous, loveable misfit, Athena Gray, with her small circle of friends and family. Facing scary things, even evil, takes focus and great bravery. Having those we love besides us can make all the difference.

Many people are curious as to why I've crossed over from sweet romances to paranormals. It's simply because I feel a spiritual connection to those I've lost in my life. I feel strongly that what we call paranormal is actually an aspect of spirituality.

Whether we call our spirits angels, ghosts, or even just souls, Christianity is based on an understanding that our mortal bodies are merely shells. I enjoy writing about spirits finished with this life and spirits, who I believe, have not or will not experience ever mortality. An experience such as feeling a loved one's presence is a paranormal event. These incidents do not have to necessarily be negative or evil experiences. We can be inspired by those around us not dwelling in this sphere.

My newest release, Cheated, is based on the idea that some people are more tuned into the veil that separates heaven from earth. My heroine, Athena Gray, can sense and sometimes see spirits. She has a gift that enables her to talk to those who've passed over to help them feel peace and move on. This story was inspired by a visit I made to prehistoric Indian burial mounds in West Tennessee. It was a sacred, peaceful place that inspired me to think about people who can see and sense things most of the living cannot. Cheated is set in a fictional town based on that actual location.

Here's a taste of chills and thrills you'll find in Cheated.

When I turned around, the surprise of seeing a small, pale girl standing at the clearing's edge almost made me fall back onto the rock again.
"You," I said, like we were in some kind of detective novel.
She said nothing but continued staring with large, gray eyes. I watched the atmosphere around her blur in and out like a wormhole and realized this was the ghost from my cell phone picture. She was the same girl I'd noticed watching me from the woods at the season's first ball game. Except she wasn't really a ghost. Or was she?
"Who are you?" I asked. I really needed to know, and for the first time despite my Poppy's former warnings to not issue invitations to supernatural visitors, I wanted to know.
"Athena," she answered in a quiet whisper.
I didn't know if she was answering me or addressing me. "Who?"
Her mouth twitched slightly at the corners of her mouth, but her eyes remained dead and cold, sparking off and on with a flickering light.
"What do you want?"
Her expression flickered for a quick second before she caught herself. This ghost was playing it cool.
"I don't know who you are, and I don't care," I lied. "Go away and leave me alone."
She laughed, and it was in a creepy, low tone. To make things feel worse, she still hadn't smiled or stopped glaring at me with those dead eyes.
"You cheated," she said, after I decided not to say another word.
A wary tremor ran down my backbone. I'd heard this before. She shimmered like a desert mirage. The power of her glittering appearance waned.
I caught myself biting my lip again, hard. I fought to not feel afraid, fought not to speak.
"Cheated," she repeated in an angry whisper, and her blue life light flickered once more and then went out, like someone had blown across a candle's burning flame.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with the paranormal. It's an interesting conversation, and I love hearing special stories from other people who have had touching or even spooky experiences. Pick up your print or ebook copy of Cheated today!

What was the last book you read that gave you the shivers?

~Danielle Thorne

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About Cheated:
Athena Gray is determined to finish her senior year without any paranormal interruptions. She's certain it's best to ignore her ability to help spirits cross over, but a new phantom in the backwoods of Omega is watching her every move.  Determined to protect her sister and her best friend, Dan, Athena pays no attention to strange events at school until they follow her home. When the mysterious spirit causes a near fatal accident, she must come to grips with an angry and jealous ghost who wants her dead because somewhere between this life and another, Athena's adversary thinks she cheated. It will take the power of family and friendship to survive her own personal haunting and reclaim her life before supernatural forces extinguish it forever.   

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