February 5, 2015

The Ultimate Balance Keeper

The Ultimate Balance Keeper
Guest Author: Linda Ellen

How do I balance family, home, career and writing?  Hmm...truthfully - sometimes I feel like I’m treading water...cold water...up to my neck.  But then, things straighten out, projects get finished, crises pass, and things go back to their normal hum.  Ahh.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that with knowledge and experience under my belt, I can now do more things and juggle more responsibilities, but I’ve also realized I have a limit and I’d be wise not to exceed it.  I’ve learned when to pull back and just “chill”.  Of course there are times when that is impossible, but those days are, thankfully, widely spaced. I am the office manager for a large prison ministry, which is growing larger by the day. My workdays are extremely busy, and while I’m there, I have to squelch the part of my brain that craves to be working on my current WIP.

At home, I live with my husband of 34 years and our grown son.  My husband is retired now, so he handles much of the housework.  I still do the laundry and the cooking, and occasional dusting.  But I’m blessed to have a spouse that is behind me in my dream to be a writer.  He tells me all the time how proud he is of me, and what I’ve accomplished. He’s my biggest fan, cheerleader, supporter, part time beta reader, inspiration giver, lover, and protector...and generally anything I need him to be.  Did I mention I’m blessed? 

Since November when my debut historical romance novel, Once in a While, came out, my home life
has become quite a bit more hectic, with juggling all of the many hats one needs to wear to be an ‘Indie’ author.  I have to deal with marketing the book, keeping up connections with other writers on social media, trying to maintain my social life, keeping in touch with extended family such as my mother and brothers, and finding time to get my head into the writing of The Bold Venture, the sequel to Once in a While.  Writing the novel went a long way in helping me gain a much-needed balance between my mother and myself. The book is loosely based on the romance she and my father shared in 1937. Before I worked with her on the novel, she and I were always at odds about...well just about everything. But as we discussed plot points and cooperated together on the story, I gained a whole new perspective and appreciation for my mother, and for that I’m grateful.

I think one thing that helps me stay balanced is that several years ago my husband and I made an agreement that I keep my evenings for him.  Once suppertime comes, I’m to be downstairs spending time with him.  That not only keeps ‘us’ flowing along as we should, but it also forces me to step back and breathe.  Otherwise I’d probably be on the computer past midnight.

And finally, in thinking about true balance in all things, I can’t help but mention that my relationship with Jesus is a big part of it.  I try to pray about everything, and keep my ‘slate’ clean between He and I.  When I’ve done that, things run pretty smoothly.  Then during those times when things have gone crazy, I can usually step back and realize I’ve been trying to ‘handle’ things without taking time with Him.  

He’s the ultimate balance keeper.


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Check out my most recent exciting happening – as it is the 78th anniversary of the 1937 Flood (which I used extensively in the book), my 90-year-old Mom and I were interviewed about the book for our local paper, complete with video!

A former popular writer of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman fan fiction, under the pen name of Linda4him59, Linda Ellen is now an historical romance writer who has made her debut with Depression Era romance, rich with history, love, heartache, and real life.  Several years past, she was a featured writer for a local regional newspaper “The Southwest Reporter”.  A prison ministry office manager by day, Linda was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where she resides with her husband and youngest son.

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