September 12, 2017

Hurricane Hi-jinks

Thinking of You
Thoughts and prayers to all those who continue to recover in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and wherever else the recent stormy weather has disrupted lives. My heart goes out to people worried or affected by the fires out West. My goodness!

Tough times never last, 
but tough people do. 
--Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Hurricane Irma
I woke up this morning, expecting to see at least a few tree limbs in our front or back yards, but we've nothing but leaves, leaves, and more leaves plastered all over the ground and to our cars. How lucky we were to not lose power. A few of our neighbors did, and I have heard about some homes flooding in the area, but all in all, central Georgia has been blessed.

The "maximum" devastation at our house.

I guess e-books were a hot commodity during the storm, too. My downloads at shot up dramatically, although I was dealing with a file glitch that shut down one of my releases for 24 hours. Ouch! Proper Attire seems to be back on her feet. Check it out while it's still .99!

What's Up
This week, I'm working on a super short story that will be available for free soon. I'm also busy with book covers and a copy edit of my next Indie release I hope to feature with Amazon Scout. Stay tuned! 

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne~

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