September 18, 2017

Yes, You Outta "Ibotta"

Happy First Week of Fall!
So three interesting things popped up this past week that I just have to share. First, I found a gem in my daily email that I didn't delete after the first chapter. Second, the book cover for my upcoming free short story on Kindle is finished. Third, I took a note from one of my favorite newsletters, The Penny Hoarder, and downloaded the cash back app, Ibotta.

Isn't this the cutest cover? I've seen Witch is When It All Began around on Twitter and other social media, but this week it was featured as a free download. Although I have hundreds of unfinished "free" books on my Kindle Fire, I decided to give it a shot since it looked clean and quirky.

In a nutshell, Jill Gooder is a young, single private eye that no one takes too seriously. When she's confronted with a possible serial killer case, things go awry as she tries to find answers and deal with the news that she was born a witch.

As of today, this e-book is free on I'm not sure when the sale ends. Oh, and it's a series!

According to Jane

Did you know? I have a new release (a super short story) coming soon. Imagine being able to read a cute little romance in under ten minutes!

Many of my previously published short stories will be available over the next year exclusively at That's the plan, anyway.

Plane crash survivor story, According to Jane, should be out by the first of October, so watch for it. My new releases are always free the first week to grow some reviews. I hope you'll check it out.

Yes, You Outta "Ibotta"

You may have heard about Ibotta online. I thought it had a familiar ring to it when I came across an article explaining how this cash back app actually worked. People are saving some serious money with this thing!

I used to be a big time couponer before the stores caught wind and made it as difficult as possible to really save. This week, I downloaded the Ibotta app and gave it a try. I'm not quick when it comes to learning new technical things, but it only took me a few minutes to figure out how this program works. Plus, I've already banked almost $12 in three days.

Here's how it works:

1. Download the Ibotta app to your smartphone and open an account.

2. Go to "Find Rebates" icon on the page bottom.

3. Click "grocery" and then click all the stores you use, like Kroger or Walmart.

4. Go to "My Rebates" icon on the page bottom.

5. Open your store of choice and click on all of the grocery items you plan to buy.

6. Go shopping and save your receipt.

7. Click on "Redeem" icon on the page bottom.

8. Click the store you're receipt is from.

9. A camera app will open. Take a picture of your receipt.

10. A barcode scanner will open automatically after your take a picture and instruct you to scan the bar code on the back of each product you purchased.

That's it! All of your cash back will automatically show up on your app account. When you reach $20, you request the money by typing in your Paypal account address.

Ready to download the app? They're running a special for $10 just for signing up. Sharing the app with family and friends also earns you bonus cash!

You can use my referral link here or the code: imcofll.

You should get $10 just for signing up.

I receive $5 for each friend that joins and uses the app at least once. So can you.

This is an easy peasy way to earn free cash back on groceries, clothes, home, electronics, and online shopping (and don't forget books!).

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne~

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