October 27, 2017

Free Books at Readfree.ly!

Do you love free or discounted books? ReadFree.ly is an e-book reader's paradise. This site offers free information on new or discounted books in every genre that you may not hear about anywhere else. The best news is Readfree.ly is, well, free. Simply subscribe with your email address to receive a brief, daily list of books you can download off the web for free or nearly so.

Did you know? Proper Attire is now a free read! Get your copy November 3-November 6!

Please Vote!

This week, my West Indies romance, Proper Attire, has been short-listed for Book of the Month. Whether you've read Proper Attire or would like to check it out, visit this Book of the Month page at Read.freely and vote for my new release. I'd appreciate your support!

Here's a reminder of what it's  all about:

Pressured to marry for money, Julia Scott flees England and a cruel stepmother to determine if the West Indies is the paradise of her dreams. Attacked by pirates and desired by island natives, the only person she can trust is John Smith -- if that's her rescuer's true name. Reaching her uncle's station in English Harbor, Julia must find a way to face her feelings and deal with her traitorous family, a dashing new suitor, and the guardian angel, John Smith, who has no qualms sporting counterfeit names and less than what is proper attire.

Results for Book of the Month will be out soon. Also, don't miss out on my November special when Proper Attire will be free for one week. Happy Reading!

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne~

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