October 8, 2018

A World of Octobers

  October is here!

Anne of Green Gables said it best:
"I'm so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers."
As much as I enjoy summer, I'm happy fall is here. Georgia is slowly cooling off. Leaves are dancing with the breezes, and butterflies are fluttering through on their way south. It's time for pumpkins and candy. Yay!
Fast Fact: In 2016, candy companies produced 9 billion pieces of candy corn. 


Autumn New Clean Book Releases 

What's up for fall books? There are lots of new releases every month, and here are some I have my eye on. I bet you'll want them, too!


From the Writing Desk

I took a wonderful weekend off to go to the mountains this past month, hiked some waterfalls, and even saw a bear. No worries, it was from my car window, perfectly safe, and he was beautiful. If you follow me on Facebook (hint, hint) you may have seen the picture. In the office, I've been working on my next non-fiction release about amazing women of the Industrial Revolution. It's been quite the eye-opener.
Fast Fact: The original inventor of Monopoly was a woman named Elizabeth Magie, but she didn't receive credit until 1973.

October Clean Paranormal Book Sale

This month, my young adult paranormal will be free beginning Monday, October 22nd. If you love sweet romance, with a few ghostly-inspired shivers, you'll want to check it out. 
A book cover for young adult and teen paranormal readers who enjoy ghosts, spirits, and spooky books.

Fast Fact: Winchester Mansion in California is considered to be the most haunted house in America. 

‘Til Next Time, Romance Readers...

Thank you for all of your support for A Pirate at Pembroke this year. Heads up: It will be on sale for .99 on October 21st! Also, I was recently contacted by Publishers Weekly and learned that they will be doing a book review! I'm thrilled over the good news, but I know the credit goes to God, and to my supporters and readers.

Happy October!

Danielle Thorne

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Mark Noce said...

Great quote! Anne knows what she's talking about:)