August 7, 2019

August Book News & More

Kayaks, Book News & Empty Nesting

Hey ya'll!

My, what a summer it's been at Camp Thorne. I've driven to Maine and back, watched fireworks, walked in a parade, caught poison ivy, and started running again after an 18-month hiatus. Last week we got in a little kayaking on the Chattahoochee. Now, all I can think about is pumpkins. Ha!
So, are you ready for the new school year? Love it or hate it? My youngest son graduated in May, so in a few weeks we take him to college and say goodbye. I'm quite conflicted. I prayed for this moment when I was a full-time homemaker surrounded by 4 high school testosterone machines, but now I feel like I'm being cut off from the only life I ever knew. It's weird. However, regardless of my empty-nesting angst, I hope you have a great month of August.

Fun Fact: Fall is my favorite season because it's football time. Good luck to all of your favorite teams!

From the Writing Desk

The release of The Privateer of San Madrid was awesome. I'm so glad those of you who've read it enjoyed it. I did receive a few comments about the violence factor, so I'll be sure to include that warning in my book descriptions.

This month I'm wrapping up edits on contemporary romance, Brushstrokes & Blessings. It's about an art teacher that comes home and the history buff who upsets all of her plans to start over. This book will be part of a multi-author series, so you won't want to miss the fun. Pre-orders will be available at the end of the month.

What's next? Besides edits, I'll be starting my holiday romance for Christmas. Last year was Henry's Holiday Charade. This year will be another fairy tale-inspired novella. I'll give you a clue: He was once a "lost boy."

Fun Fact:
The word “pirate” comes from the Latin term, “pirata” which means a sailor or sea robber.

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Ta-Ta for Now

Thanks for allowing me to check in with you and for reading this email. I appreciate your time and support. Don’t miss Whoo-hoo! Wednesday later this month with inside info on free books and special sales.

This month's free book from me will be...
Josette! May I ask that if you download this book later this month (on August 21st) that you leave a review? Thank you!

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