November 25, 2019

Fairy Tale Christmas Romances are Magical

New Sweet Romance Novellas

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have time to enjoy the real meaning behind the holiday season as it unfolds and that you'll have time to relax and read some books. This year we are empty-nesting the week of Thanksgiving but lucky to have wonderful friends to share a feast and friendship. With any luck, there will be gluten-free pie and a wicked game night. At least, those are my goals!

I have two new books coming out for the holidays. Check'em out!


Henry's Holiday Charade 

(A Frog Prince Romance)

Amanda Hill finds herself with a problem at the Cedarville Library pond. Henry needs a girlfriend for Christmas, and he's willing to help a stranger out--in exchange for a holiday charade...

Coming December 1st


Garland's Christmas Romance 

(A Peter Pan Romance)

She's trying to get make ends meet at the local cafe so she can start over in the big city and forget her mother's death. He's checking out the descendants of his wealthy family tree under the guise of working a job in town. 

Can Pete Darling convince Garland she doesn't need to run away to find happiness? Or will his feelings for her endanger his secret mission?

Don't forget! These books will be .99 for a limited time and then prices will go up to the ebook standard after the first week of publication. Enjoy the escapes, don't forget to leave a review, and take it easy on the pumpkin pie!

Stay balanced!
Danielle Thorne

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