December 9, 2019

Chase Away the Holiday Blues

Hey Ya'll!

Are you so excited for Christmas this year? What are your plans? I don't love Christmas day as much as I did when my kids were little, so I'm always looking for ways to have a good season. This month I'm planning on a church party, flying out to see my kids in Utah, finding a place to ice skate (That's hard in central Georgia.), and I may try skiing this year.
Service is a big part of Christmas, too. As a life-long "survivor" of chronic depression, I have to be careful in the winter and get outside and think about others instead of myself. There are great ways to find ideas for serving others in December. I'm using the #LightTheWorld calendar on social media and definitely recommend it if you want to put Christ in Christmas.

From the Writing Desk
I have a ton of book news to tell you. The two new fairy tale releases I told you about, Henry's Holiday Charade and Garland's Christmas Romance are now available. These are novella-length and perfect for a free afternoon or late evening. Also, my contract with Harlequin for contemporary southern romances has officially been signed for Summer 2020. And now, I can finally announce my new historical series and first novel for next year!

Sneak Peek! Next year's new series will be called… Gentlemen of the Coast! This series will be a collection of historical romances set in the southern colonial United States. Do you know what that means? Warm summer evenings, long stretches of beaches, and exciting historical details. I can't wait to share book one with you, but for now, here is the cover and title to keep under wraps. Shhhh!
Coming Soon

More Books!
Get cozy and stay in this month with these new releases or books on sale.

Ta-Ta for Now

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my news. Watch for this month's free book, Henry's Holiday Charade, which will be marked down on December 18th.

I appreciate your support—you are literally making my dreams come true. Merry Christmas and happy reading!

See you next month,
Danielle Thorne