May 30, 2024

A Family Reunion and Giveaway Winner

 "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

― Jacques Yves Cousteau

Hey Ya'll!  
Can you believe summer will be here soon? It’s finally warming up, and people are heading to the beach, to see family or just puttering around in the garden. We’re going on a special trip with our sons and their families to celebrate Rob’s retirement from the FAA. It’s hard to believe after years of saving it’s finally happening. I’ve been working on the house and researching my next historical novel so I’m ready to have some downtime with my children.

April Giveaway Winner
Congratulations to CHRISTA R.

You've won 1 advanced paperback copy of The Beekeeper Next Door.

From the Writing Desk
Historical Romance News: In-between writing a few travel articles, edits are ongoing on my new short historical novel. I already have five book covers mocked up, and that keeps me excited. I'm still sorting out the best title for this book, but I promise there will be a little pirating.

Love Inspired Inspirational Romance News:
The third book in my current Love Inspired contract is scheduled to be released in 2025! I just found out it was accepted and have submitted all the forms to the art department at Harlequin. You’d be amazed how much goes into creating a mass market book cover. There's so much thought and talent involved—and I appreciate it. Writing for a big publisher has helped me polish my writing and editing skills as well as marketing research. I hope you’ll agree when my next indie romance comes out.

Coming Soon

From Fellow Authors

So long for now...

Did you know my “dream” is to write modern historical and women’s fiction? I have four stories that have been tucked away in my brain for years. One has been drafted but needs lots of work. Perhaps this year will be the year, but regardless, thank you for riding along on this journey with me, especially if you read in all of my genres. Have a wonderful summer! Here we gooooo!
Danielle Thorne

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