September 16, 2020

Hurricane Sally & Romance Revisions

I do not know if I love Naomi . . . not yet. It seems to me people make the admission too lightly and tumble head over feet down the hills to chase it."
  - Amy Harmon, Where the Lost Wander


Hey Ya'll,

Here comes Hurricane Sally. Sounds like a song, right? We are wet and muggy here. I'm sure it's because I decided to paint my front door and outdoor light fixtures. I skipped writing yesterday to buy supplies and get started, but now it's on hold. On the bright side, my foyer is decorated for Halloween because I couldn't wait. Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Are you excited?

If you follow me on Facebook you know we have an empty nest again. Two weeks ago my youngest left home to serve a two-year church mission in Arizona until Australia opens to foreigners. Then he heads to Sydney to serve. I'm so excited for this adventure in his life although it's a sacrifice. I miss him and his brothers' families. Of course, I always have my books and cats. Ha-ha!
From the Writing Desk
This month I'm rewriting a mountain romance I wrote last summer for my next Harlequin submission. My editor helped me see I was too excited writing about football (Guilty!) and needed to focus more on the hero's and heroine's backstories and conflicts. I can already tell there is more depth, so hopefully this will be a better and successful version.
Working Cover Sneak Peek (In process)

Due out sometime before the end of the year, I'm still editing Georgia Bride. If you recall, this Civil War romance is set around a historic mill that was burned down during the siege of Atlanta. There are no belles or beaus in this novella—but backwoods farmers and simple folk just trying to get by. Stay tuned for the pre-order information.
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Ta-Ta for Now

Thank you again for reading my newsletter, following me on social media, and buying, reading, and reviewing my books. I love keeping up with ya'll on Facebook and such, and value your thoughts and opinions. Have a wonderful month of September.

Danielle Thorne

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